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A Complete Library Automation Software
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KOOBA™ Web Based Library Solution brings real time information & allows you to access your Complete Book and Member data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Android and iOS Mobile App.

Multiple Reports, Dashboard and Graphs allow you to make decisions in the school, college at meetings or while Travelling. KOOBA™ is not only for Librarian and other senior management of the school and college but for everyone who takes data-driven decision on the move.

Just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an iPhone or Android platform, you can count on KOOBA™ to give you information you need.

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KOOBA™ | Top Library Software Features

Multi-Location Public and School Library Management Software Solution

Unify your multi-location public library system with KOOBA™, the web based enterprise library solutions that revolutionizes book acquisition from centralized control to branch autonomy. Optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and ignite patron delight across your region. KOOBA™ doesn't just manage books; it empowers your system with high-performance library automation, seamlessly integrating into a unified digital library platform. Imagine one catalog, accessible everywhere, with real-time insights driving data-driven decisions. Secure connectivity between branches, user roles for flexibility, and robust data security ensure everything scales beautifully. Unleash the full potential of your library network with KOOBA™ – your gateway to large-scale library automation and an exceptional simple to use library experience.

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Hierarchy and Access Rights Management

Giving rights to users defines your school or college policy and system audit requirement, Unleash the potential of your expanding library with affordable scalable library management software designed for mid-tier institutions. Automate acquisition and circulation, tame towering collections, and empower staff with user-friendly tools. Our library solutions adapt seamlessly as your ambitions ascend, ensuring seamless workflows and delightful patron experiences even as your shelves stretch to the horizon. Bridge the gap between nimble startups and enterprise giants with library automation built for growth. Take command of your expanding library, not the chaos, with flexible, future-proof solutions.

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Membership and Student Management

Adding Members/ Students is ongoing process in any Library Software for Schools Library Software for Universities or public library and Through KOOBA™ automated libaray software you can add user manualy one by one or uploading through excel at one go. So we simplify your library processes.

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Book Acquisition in Library Management

The Automated acquisition & cataloguing module of the library management software system refers to the process of acquiring materials and resources such as books, journals, e-books, and databases, our team has dived deep into how a library works to offer features that are truly useful to run a library.

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Inactive Members / Refund mangement

Improve your Library process with KOOBA™ Library appplication by your side. View the inactive or dormant members, Follow up with your members.

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Send system generated eMail and SMS through, India's Best Web Based Library Software to notify members about due dates.

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Barcode Enabled Book Issue and Return

Library Automation means the process automation through barcode generation or RFID and KOOBA™ library software has this unique feature of book issue and recieve by barcode reader facility of member card scanning and issuing book by scanning book barcode and due date and book issue limit is auto picked by system to ease the process.

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Upload Book Borrowed Data By Excl

Manual data entry of books and student takes lot of time and delays library software implementaion and hamper automation process, so KOOBA™ libray have option to upload accession register in the software to get you application go live fast and easily.

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Membership Fee and Validity

Create multiple membership type and fees and validity and alerts

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Add Books by Uploading Excel

Library automation means no manual data entry in new system so just upload your accession register details like, Accession No, ISBN No, Book Title, Series or Version, Book Category, Book Author, Classification, Book Cost, pages, Publisher, Bill No, Date recieved, Shelf No. and you are live in Minutes on software.

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Print Book Barcode and Members Card

Once Book and Member/ student data are Uploaded in the software, next is to print Barcoded Member card and Books barcode by one by one or select category or slelf no as you want to print

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Fine and Lost Book Management

KOOBA™ Library Software will auto calculate fine based on due date while book is returned and you can also mark book lost while returning and based on your policies you can recover fine and lost book cost.

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100% Secure

KOOBA™ Library Software is completly secure and inforamtion is access based and password protected

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Real Time

You get realtime information and acess it anytime anywhere through Internet .

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Works On Mobile

KOOBA™ Library Software you can issue and return book through mobile and check any information on the Go....

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Get a complete visual snapshot of your library operation from dashboard about Total books, Top circulation, Top Borrower, Least cirulated, Books Dues today, tomorow and may more.

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Pull any data about Students/ Members, Inactive Members, Total Book, Borrowed books, Fine Register, lost Book Data, Total book Value, Shelf Report, Book Catalogue in in excel or PDF any time

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Graph and Chart

Data is available in great UX and UX with bar charts, pie chart and graphs .

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Fine, Due Date and Lost Books Report

Get fine report lost book data and due date report on go and get recovery report also realted to books

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Book request and Acquisition Report

Insights is what drives a library forward. so purchase books based on request and your demand plan

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Borrowed and Book Return Report

Book Boorowed and return data can be analyised any time for due books and can get report any time.

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Web-Based Barcode Enabled | Web Based RFID Enabled

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Billed for 1 Year ($900)
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Billed for 2 Years ($1700)*
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  • Prices are for Single and Multi user license
  • 18% GST applicable on all the plans (Input Tax Credit can be claimed for GST registered businesses)